We are so blessed to have such an amazing group of people who support us in our dreams, visions, and goals not only in our business but our personal lives as well!  None of this would be possible with out each of these members in our team no matter how far down the line they are they are just as important!  You can have all the ideas you want but without people behind you they are mere thoughts; these people are who really deserve the credit to helping us make it all happen! 

Annette Milliff, Owner (Megan's Mother)

Annette and her soulmate/husband Jeff have always had a passion for antiques, road trips and family. They have worked hard their whole life to get to this point and are still hard at it! While life hasn't always been fields of flowers they have definitely made the best of it! When not touring America picking rare finds, or at a trade show they are enjoying their children and 5 grandchildren! Jeff has always been very supportive in his girls passion and journey and can be found working around the grounds or searching the internet on the weekends!

Megan Nichols, Co-Owner (Annette's Daughter)

When not running the store, helping her mom set up shows, merchandising visuals, reworking the website, lining out employees, keeping Colby on task and a million other things she can be found wrangling her 3 busy body kiddos. When not at work she's at home working LOL!!! She enjoys life and God's blessings and loves the adventure and freedom the store has allowed for her and her family!
Laura Bennick, Office Manager (Sister-in-law to Annette & Megan's Aunt)
Ross Bennick Production Manager (Laura's Husband)

Laura handles all of our customer service needs! She is constantly juggling the phones, while answering emails, shipping orders and overseeing t-shirt production. She is a grandmother to two wonderful kiddos and loves crafting, gardening, and bible studies. She is constantly putting others before herself creating a very busy schedule when not at work! Laura has been with us since she retired from Southwestern Bell over 10 years ago! Her husband Ross also serves on our production team working along with Laura daily manufacturing tees for wholesale and retail orders. Ross has 2 successful children, enjoys playing golf on sunny days and a beer and music connoisseur. He gives us our daily dose of unexpected jokes and Rossisms. LOL Shannon Koy, Accountant (God Sent Family- Lived across the street from us 30 years ago and been with us ever since)
Where to begin? Shannon started this journey with us all those eons ago when we were operating on adrenaline and cold calls during the hand painted leather era of our company. She has 2 active teenagers with one attending college in the fall and the other in high school. When not crunching numbers, creating spreadsheets and whatever other fire that needs to be put out that day she is in the barn caring for their livestock and commitment to her kids and their agriculture. She is very active in the MCFA and volunteers for numerous other organizations as well in the community. Christa Bass, Store Manager (Laura's daughter-in-law)
She is the Soda Shop Sweetness! She makes sure we have food to put on the table, everyone is at work and doing what needs to be done with the expectations we have for our employees and customer experience! When not serving ice cream, making lunches or creating schedules shes at home with her baby girl and son. Christa is a true hippy who is so easy going and full of adventure. She enjoys family camping trips, traveling to see her family, and being in touch with God's nature. Ashton Moore, Assistant Store Manager (Cousin to Colby)
One of the faces of Annette's. She's on our social media, website, in store, and at shows... Megan's mini me! Her place in the puzzle is outfit coordination, social media, website assistant to Megan, and assisting Christa in managing our visions and employees. She is a cowgirl at heart who is married to her trooper husband. She grew up in the retail world at her dad's store Cartwrights Western Wear in Conroe. She is always happy, late and in her full glory! Brooke Johnson, Retail Manager/ Merchandising Assistant (God Sent Family)
If you have been in our store then you have probably seen this cat hard at work assisting Megan with visuals and merchandising. Brooke is grounded in faith and has a beautiful family that devotes their extra time to the Backyard Bull Riders Association when not hard at work! She loves music, Jesus, her family and roller skating (lol)! She is one of the newer additions to our family here at Annette's but fits the mold completely! Colby Nichols, Head Junk Hunk (Megan's Husband)
It can be a struggle working with your son-in-law and husband especially when he is a notorious procrastinator but he is the muscle of this operation! He does all the heavy lifting, taking care of mama at shows making sure she is setup, tore down and loaded without her lifting a finger when it's close to home, along with my elaborate displays that I envision but not sure how to make it happen! When not fixing things he is enjoying his time in the junk barn, learning, sharing his knowledge and visiting with customers who share the same passion for junk! We have 3 amazing, energetic children under 6 and are always around the store unless we are sick or hiding! He is also an avid deer hunter and lamb jockey... A man with many hats!:) Shelly Cartwright, Travel Team (Ashton's mom, Colby's cousin)
Shelly helps us on the road but has a full time job for the Conroe School District. When not working here or there she is in the rodeo stands or keeping times! She has 3 wonderful kids and family! She loves to organize, talk and enjoy her children. She has helped us at shows for over 8 years and is a hard working woman! She is loyal to us and a true blessing to our family! Kim Ackel, Travel Team (Chosen Family)
We met Kim several years ago in Canton, recruited her and never looked back! When not hitting the pavement with us she is working on her ranch in Fanette or fulfilling her duties as the High School Rodeo secretary. The woman doesn't meet a stranger and is full of fun and energy! She has a son who handcrafts the leather for JForks Designs and is constantly on the go! She helps us not only at our retails shows but wholesale markets as well! She is hopefully going to stamp her passport soon and lord knows she deserves it! Connie Sams, Crystal-ling Queen (Annette's mom, Megan's Nonnie)
While Nonnie has been with us for some time now she have found a new freedom in working from home. When not crystal-ling caps she is fishing or enjoying her friends and family! It has been a true blessing to work along side her through this journey. Jaci Moore, Sales Associate
She recently graduated from high school and is currently enjoying her freedom before deciding a definite career path. She helps in customer sales and service along with our production department. Pam Wilcox, Sales Associate
Ms. Pam is a retired teacher who has a passion for fashion and customer service! She is one of the cutest dressed ladies in town and will fix you up too!
Heidi Alexander, Retail Shift Manager

Heidi is a retired school teacher and a bright spot in everyone's day! She enjoys spending time with her granddaughter and family in their new home on the BBR compound. She always happy and smiling and brings joy to everyone she encounters.
Lou Kasey King, Sales Associate (Previous Customer now chosen family)

Lou keeps us giggling! We are all so excited when she is on break from pursuing her dental hygiene degree and comes home! When not at work she has a full social calendar and helps her parents with their BBR events!
Gracie Koonce, Sales Associate 
She attends Willis High School and is a social busy body and cheerleader. She helps in customer sales and service along with our expectations of her!

Rebecca Stone, Sales Associate (Shannon's sister)

She helps in production and on the sales floor when not at her full time job. She has a beautiful daughter and devoted to her, her extra curricular activities and friends!