Cow Tales
$ 0.75
Our bulk box of Cow Tales contains a very generous quantity of individually wrapped caramel pieces. Candy lovers of all ages will love the chewy texture and smooth cream filling. Order your choice of original vanilla, strawberry cream or chocolate or try multiple boxes so you can sample a combination of Cow Tale flavors!

Cow Tales are the creation of Goetze's Candy. The company began in 1895 as the Baltimore Chewing Gum Company. The company's signature Caramel Cream was created in 1917 followed by the classic Cow Tale.

This confection was very similar to the Caramel Cream, but instead of a small disc of chewy caramel it featured a long tube (or tail) with delectable cream running through the middle. Different flavors have been added, including strawberry, vanilla, chocolate and caramel apple, but the classic version is still often considered the best!