Hot Girls Pearls
Hot Girls Pearls Hot Girls Pearls Hot Girls Pearls
$ 42.00

HOT GIRLS PEARLS are the chicest way to chill out, anytime you’re feeling overheated. The secret’s in our Pearls; they’re filled with a nontoxic cooling gel, which when frozen delivers blissful cooling relief. Now you can stop your hot flashes, well.. in a flash.n


Store your HOT GIRLS PEARLS in the freezer. The Insulated Travel Purse, included with your Pearls, contains an icepack in its inner pocket. Put your Pearls inside the Travel Purse and place in your freezer. We recommend a minimum of four hours for optimum cooling time. Once removed from freezer, the Travel Purse will keep your pearls cold for up to four hours in most environments, until you’re ready to wear.


Rotating the necklace and bracelet around your neck or wrist delivers new bursts of cool. Slip your pearls on and off with ease: slide the strong magnetic clasp apart and snap back together, returning your pearls to the purse between wears to prolong their cooling effects.