Vintage 1800" Small Cutting Board
Vintage 1800" Small Cutting Board Vintage 1800" Small Cutting Board
$ 58.00

Antique, small, primitive Old World style cutting board, breadboard. rectangle cutting surface, handmade,one-piece board 1860-1890 year


    • Vintage handmade item from 1900 - 1909
    • Material: Wooden board
    • Small primitive Old World style cutting board, cheese board or breadboard. Rectangle cutting surface. Wear surface. Perfect for decoration or use in the kitchen, ancient, very old handmade, one-piece wooden plank 1860-1890 year

      Unique ancient relic nice piece of the legacy of my mother - and was owned by the grandmother of my mother !!! Therefore I guarantee that is very old and is more than 120-140 years - despite many years he was very reserved, as we stored and used for decoration in our restaurant !!! This piece of wood has a beautiful excellent very nice old patina in accordance with its utilitarian purpose and use. The back and inside there are a number of tree holes, is another sign of age, but it is treated with preparations against the tree - I guarantee you that this is absolutely dewormed with all the modern preparations to protect the wood. I made perfectly cleaned and prepared for decoration or collection !!!

      NOTE: This is an ancient board bread not only wood dough!

      This beautiful old board will be a great addition to any collection or decor featuring primitives are quite old and we will guarantee your satisfaction in this regard.

      length with handle- 12.6 "
      length without handle -9.6 "
      width- 8.4 "
    • 2 Boards may vary