As a mother of teenagers have you ever yearned for your daughter’s relationship? Well Annette and Megan did; with a strained line of communication and aggressive confrontations Annette was seeking answers on all levels: spiritually, medically and mentally.  How did it get to this? How can I reach her? Does she even love me? These were daily questions she was asking herself. And then it happened… God gave her the answer she had been seeking, He told her to take a chance and start a business with her daughter thus being the start of their story. 

      In 2002 with Megan being a sophomore in high school and like any know it all, independent, teenager she felt she no longer needed boundaries and yearned for the freedom others where experiencing.  As a protective mother Annette was hitting road block after road block when trying to have a relationship with her daughter who at this point wanted nearly nothing to do with her.  Once Megan was of age to work and needed financial support for what she wanted Annette decided it was time to take a chance.  She got out a couple of her personal credit cards and approached Megan with the idea of them starting to sell jewelry together, Megan would gain the financial difference once she reinvested into the company paid back cost of goods etc.  Annette was willing to take the financial risk and they started buying and selling goods at local trade shows, festivals and fairs.  Annette was thrilled that Megan was on board and the weekend road trips, late nights and long days sitting and working together forced them to communicate in a calm environment and talking turned into laughing that has now turned into a complete life changing event. 

            Little did Annette or Megan know what exactly God had in store for them.  He blessed them time and time again eventually allowing Annette to leave her job at an oil company and Megan graduating high school and going on getting her graphic design certificate while continuing to hit the road together every weekend at trade shows.  The next big leap of faith came when Annette was approached with designing a western line for a custom hand painted shoe manufacturing company overseas and like that the house soon filled up with painted leather goods and they were shipping across the United States to other retailers who were now carrying the products in their stores.  During this time is when the brand started to really evolve into what it is known as today.  With the painted leather factory closing Annette and Megan yet again faced with another obstacle this time they decided to put Megan’s creativity and graphic design skills to use.  Annette and Megan collaborated time and time again to create unique tee designs that appealed to the masses.  This created their exclusiveness and unique style that is now known as “Gina.”

            What/Who is Gina?  Gina is what Megan called Annette instead of mother.  Apparently she was creative from a young age she still isn’t really sure where Gina came from however, she knew no matter where she was or what her mom was doing if she called Gina her mother knew it was her where the common mom fell on deaf ears.  Later as the two traveled around and worked extremely hard the idea of Gina G-Girls IN A-Action was born.  And boy were they some girls in action and traction I might add gaining momentum with their vision everyday. 

            Fast forward 15 years and here we are today.  Annette and Megan have grown their business into a large brand carried in boutiques and major retail stores across America while building their flagship store in New Waverly, Texas.  The store is over 15,000 square foot of everything Annette and Megan love, home décor, their signature “Gina” tees, apparel, unique accessories, handmade goods, vintage, antiques, and the popular original soda shop serving lunch and sweet treats of all kinds!  The store is truly the icing on the cake for these now ladies who not only have built a multi level brand but a relationship in the process. With family at the core of the stores atmosphere it suits everyone.  The children have their own space to play and relax while enjoying ice cream, the men, a man cave to play pool and watch sports and of course the unique shopping experience for everyone else.  Antiques adorn the entire store with a refreshing take of vintage meets modern even giving some customers an overwhelming sensation of disbelief.  They hope that where ever this story may find you in your life that you find inspiration to build great relationships, work hard, and follow your dreams.  The 2 broken souls that weren’t handed the opportunity on a silver platter but had to true grit their way to get what they wanted ended up getting more than they ever even could have imagined and you can to.  Dig deep, find your fire within and chase it…

 A note to my mama...

As a child I always knew I was different, a free spirit of sorts with a determination of God's will for my life.  While as a teenager you don't understand the balance of letting go, gaining independence and reality.  I often said hurtful things, acted irrationally and let anger overtake the reality of the process God had put in place for me to really spread my wings and live the life I was destined to and for you to know that I was going to be ok.

I am the woman, mother and business brain I am today because of YOU! YOU never gave up on me even when you had every reason to, you loved me through it and really showed me what it is to be a woman of God.  No one is perfect that includes us both but we are both perfect for each other! You are the ice cream to my malt, straw to my coke, and beat to my heart! I am so blessed to be on this amazing journey with you even on the really crappy days!   The chapters are quickly coming to the end of our story and journey but the destination has made for one hell of a ride!

I love you more,


            To follow Annette and Megan on their daily journeys and adventures both personally and professionally be sure to follow them on social media outlets.  Giggle, cry and grow with them on their journey and be inspired for your own!